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First Arriving and Active911 Broaden Partnership to Bring More Features to First Responders

April 3, 2020

Suite of Digital Dashboard Integrations Provides Agency Personnel with Incident

Alerting, Call Details, Routing, Maps and Other Tools to Improve Situational Awareness

First Arriving, a leader in providing marketing and technology services for fire, EMS and law enforcement agencies, and Active911, a leading provider of digital tools to emergency responders, today announced the expansion of their existing relationship. The enhanced partnership will provide deeper integration with Active911’s platform enabling faster response data and provide First Arriving’s Digital Dashboard users with an even more robust suite of features.

“First Arriving has a beautiful product and we are happy to add them to our list of integrations,” said Joseph Sullivan, Founder & CEO, Active911. “This will make it easier than ever for the many first responders using First Arriving dashboards to get access to their critical Active911 alerts and other real-time information.”

First Arriving’s integration with Active911 is among the most popular ways to display calls and other alerts for first responders. Features include:

  • Real-Time Call Dispatch

  • Nature of Call, Address, Units Dispatched, Call Notes

  • Personnel Responding

  • Mapping & Directions with Hydrants & Other Data

  • Turnout Timer

  • Custom Alarm Tones

  • ETA and Distance

  • Google Street View

  • ESRI layers, Mapbox & other mapping platform layers

For a full list of Active911 integrations, visit:

“Our integration with Active911 equips on duty personnel with reliable information and real-time alerts as they leave the station to respond to situations where every second counts,” said Dave Iannone, CEO, First Arriving. “We are proud to partner with Active911 to provide best-in-class tools that serve public safety professionals and their local communities.”

First Arriving’s Digital Dashboard systems service fire departments, EMS, law enforcement, courts and local governments. From small volunteer departments to some of the nation’s largest public safety agencies, First Arriving’s Dashboards now serve departments in more than 30 states coast-to-coast. To learn more about First Arriving’s Digital Dashboards, visit:

First Arriving’s Digital Dashboards provide full integration with a growing network of more than 50 leading third party technology platforms and service providers. For a full list of First Arriving’s Digital Dashboard integrations and features, visit:

About Active911 Active911 connects smartphones with CAD to get real-time alerts with mapping, routing, and response so command knows who is coming, who is available, who is there, and what resources are on the ground before anyone leaves the station. Founded in 2011 by a volunteer firefighter, Active911 has delivered more than 200 million alerts to first responders worldwide. To learn more, visit

About First Arriving First Arriving is a leading technology and marketing company specializing in fire, EMS, law enforcement and local government. We provide innovative solutions, including digital signage, websites, video production and recruitment marketing that transform and engage. Our clients include renowned public safety brands, departments and agencies of all sizes, associations and nonprofits. First Arriving is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, and serves clients nationwide. For more information, visit

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